Want to learn the art of Indian cuisine or feel someone you know needs some help?  Get cooking like a pro with Chef Jay!


We'll be hosting 1 hour long cooking lessons for Indian cuisine!


The lessons will consist of a knowledge section moving onto recipes that are suitable for all skill levels and dietary requirements.


Prior to each lesson we will provide you with the lesson plan, recipes, equipment and ingredients list, we will also be providing the required spice and dry goods as a recipe kit, please be aware there will be an element of fresh goods which you will have to purchase for yourself.


We will have a schedule covering all aspects that we think you will need to be a semi-expert!  Our final months plan in December will have you dinner party ready in time for Christmas.


Sounds good? Then let’s get cooking!

Chef Jay’s Online Cookery School

  • What will I need?

    An adequate device to live stream and a good quality Wi-Fi connection, we may also require you to download a video conferencing app of our choice (Skype, Zoom).


    Once your place has been confirmed, take the time to read the lesson pack we will send you, the more you familiarise yourself with the lesson pack the more you will learn during the lesson. We will aim to send your recipe pack within a week prior to your lesson.


    In the meantime, check out our online store where we have a variety of spices and cooking sauces to get you started, have a look at the descriptions this will get you familiar with the flavour profile of each product, we also have “ Jay’s beginner’s cookbook” available free on request.


    How many people will be in the class?

    We will limit each lesson to a maximum of 20 people on a first come first serve basis.


    Will I be able to ask questions?

    All participants will be on mute for each lesson, we will allow questions through messages and will make sure there are ample opportunities to do so, questions will be asked and answered in real time.


    What if I can’t make the lesson?

    You can gift your place to someone else, or we can re-arrange your booking to another event, get in touch if you have any problems.



    What if I need a refund?

    We hope that you do not need a refund and that you can either re-arrange or gift your place to someone else, if that is not possible then get in touch and we will issue a refund, please be aware we cannot offer refunds in the last week prior to the class.


    Will I become an expert after one class?

    That depends on you but it is highly unlikely, like anything in life practice makes perfect.  We recommend a few classes so you can understand the basics that allow you to build and improve in your own time.  There will always be room for improvement so keep learning.


    I’ve booked in, now what happens?

    Leave the rest to us, within a week prior to your class, we will send you a pack with all the information you need such as ingredients, recipe, equipment list & overview lesson plan.  On the day of the class, usually the last hour before, we will send you an email invite with the information to join the class.  This will all be as simple as possible so you can do what you need to and learn to cook.


    I’ve still got questions?

    Get in touch, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!